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Aspendos Project

The Aspendos archaeological project started in 2008 and is directed by Associate Prof. Dr Veli Köse from Hacettepe University, Ankara. The aim of the project is to study all natural and human factors of change in the city of Aspendos and its territory from first habitation through to present times.

Basilica at Aspendos

Research has begun on studying the city plan and its development and defining the chora of the polis. Work is also underway to reconstruct the base of the city's economic structure and its political development; to this end, topographical and archaeological maps of the city are being drawn and ground plans and elevations of monumental buildings, along with restitution drawings of specific monuments, are being made. Epigraphy and ceramic and geophysical survey are other disciplines being employed in the study of the city.

The Aspendos Project aims to create a 'field management plan' which can be used  as a model for Roman cities located in the Mediterranean region, taking Aspendos as an example. In creating this model, the archaeological and historical background of the region is not the only consideration; foregrounding and managing the ecological and socio-political characteristics of the site is also seen as significant.

The Team

The Aspendos Project is directed by Associate Prof. Veli Köse and is located in the Archaeology Department of Hacettepe University. The project team includes scholars and students from different countries and takes a multi-disciplinary approach. The project has two parts: fieldwork and office work.


Veli Köse (Hacettepe University,Turkey)

Assistant Director

Dinçer Savaş Lenger (Akdeniz University,Turkey)

Current Members of the Project

Nadire Aslan (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Yiğit Hayati Erbil (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Yılmaz Selim Erdal (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
İlyas Eren (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Işılay Gürsü (British Archaeological Institute, England)
F. Emrah Köşkeroğlu (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Stephen Mitchell (Exeter University)
Doğan Zilan Özcan (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Elif Şahin (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Ertan Şehit (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Lutgarde Vandeput (British Archaeological Institute, England)
Simon Young (The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Former Members of the Project

Martin Bachman † (German Archaeological Institute, Germany)
Ralf Behrwald (Bayreuth University, Germany)
Hartwin Brandt (Bamberg University, Germany)
Musa Kadıoğlu (Ankara University, Turkey)
Deniz Özkut (Eskişehir Anadolu University, Turkey)
Scott Redford (Koç University, Turkey)
Abby Robinson (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Mustafa Türker (Hacettepe University, Turkey)


* those who have so far joined (or are still part of) the project are from the universities mentioned below:

Hacettepe University
Middle East Technical University (METU)
İstanbul University
Newcastle University
Karlsruhe University
Eskişehir Anadolu University
The University of Melbourne
University of Michigan